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Democratic decision making should be pervasive in everyday life, so that all members of a group or community can choose their own option and express it. This is good for social coherence and it gives better decisions. When this can be done orally, it is fine.

Where a written vote is necessary, this should be as convenient as possible, so that a decision by vote never is too complicated to be done.

Easy!Voting serves groups needing a simple written voting procedure. It is easy to use and results are available on the spot. You can afford voting almost at any time!

The app initially is talking American English, in order to provide a common ground to users from everywhere. Please to not hesitate to adapt content to your own language. Within uff-8 written languages, this should work.

Easy!Voting has been tested on iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2, and often in German, for EasyVoting-2 an iPhone XS was used.

With respect to earlier versions, the new Easy!Voting app has kept surface design features as far as possible. However the app has been expanded to both iPhone and iPad. The number of candidates is free, so that one version can serve all users.

Under the user interface, almost everything has been replaced by newer techniques coded now in Swift instead of the earlier objective C version.

The organizer instruction on the app explains how to manage a vote.

Democracy matters in the small and in the big!

Democracy has a long history, in Syracuse starting already in 467 BCE, with stops and gos after. To illustrate the long-lasting value of democracy I add some of my photos showing Syracuse in those ancient times.

Good luck and lots of active participation!


The developer’s story

Reworking for IOS 10.2

Easy!Voting was an innovation for me - the first real remake of an app. The earlier version was from 2013, which on the web is a long time ago.

The App Store team admonished me to provide an update. They were right, of course. During the restructuring adventure I experienced what had changed in the last three years: a lot.

  • Swift had arrived, so Easy!Voting was coded in Swift.
  • App data storage by now uses NSCoding, so that my whole app data pool was reorganized. Now data is stored until it is overwritten.
  • In the new app, users mostly change data in tableviews. The nasty former number restriction for candidates did not apply any more.
  • Buttons on a tableview may be smaller than the switches used before, so that an iPhone realization became feasible.
  • The app depends on healthy data at any time, with a user exploiting all available options. Making this safe was a problem. Users may get nothing or erroneous results, but no crashes.
  • The user interface design remained the most stable part of the app. The main image could stay, together with most of the introductory mission statement below
  • The overall popovers subsisted on the iPad copy. Their coding had become much easier than before.
  • The main innovation under the interface was AutoLayout. Fighting with AutoLayout cost me many hours. Now all views conform to it. So that I hope the interface will smoothly adapt to all device types.
A large part of the app restructuring was done while I was out in Sicily, in Syracuse, Scicli and Palermo. There I sometimes moaned under poor wifi access. So that as a developer I was slower than expected but as a citizen I am more convinced than ever that a speedy Internet access is a core condition of local infrastructure.

Reworking for IOS 13.2

Almost the same story for EasyVoting-2. Rebuilding the app under IOS 13.2 conditions required considerable internal changes. The user interface remains almost unchanged, but the code below not at all.

Again most of the work was done in Sicily, this time at Donnalucata on the Southern coast, without problems, with good local Internet access and a beautiful view over the beach and the landscape behind.

Please send comments and questions to brigitteen@gmail.com !