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Voting on mobile IOS apps

Good decision making is important for the social health of a community. There are different options how to decide an issue.

One of them is voting: There is a list of options, and every member of the group decides with one vote which option he or she prefers. The votes are counted. The option with most votes wins. This is the basic democratic decision procedure. Its main advantage is that all group members decide equally — good chances that the solution will be accepted by everybody.

Many apps on the IOS store offer a preset procedures to ease voting or polling in many application areas: voting for persons who take over a task, choosing a technical device or the play to be presented at some occasion.

In the IOS app store a plenty of astonishingly different approaches are sailing under the flag of voting. You are lost without suitable own preferences.

  • Simpler solutions are better. Free ones, too.
  • Apps can serve locally on one mobile device or web-wide for distributed users.
  • The users may be the well-known members of a community, or the unknown participants of a poll.
  • Voting may cover a wide variety of domains, from political party programs to fridges to buy, and more astonishing options.
  • The choices of the voter may be clear-cut or can consist of degrees of acceptance.
  • Apps may address voters as single persons, but large organisations like universities as well.
  • The developers of an individual voting app may be individuals, but large possibly commercial companies, too.
A suitable voting app should fit your group, the current environment and the decisions to be made.

Easy Voting 3 as proposed here is fine for votes with clearly cut choices: this person, that person, this play, that play.

It is good for small to medium groups who can vote handling around one device, normally owned by the vote organizer.

The application domain does not matter. Labels are in English, but you ca use any utf8-coded language.

Democracy matters in the small and in the big!

Democracy has a long history, in Syracuse starting already in 467 BCE, with stops and gos after. To illustrate the long-lasting value of democracy I add some of my photos showing Syracuse in those ancient times.

Good luck and lots of active participation!

Testmembers for EasyVoting 3

Which support for users of voting apps on IOS?

Proposal: Voting apps on IOS - some restructuring, guidance and landmarks

Easy Voting 3 is a follower of earlier versions, starting in 2013. On the web this is a long time ago.One feature that remained all the time is the included HowTo, the user instruction. Handling the app is easy as the its name promises.

Support of users should target real issues. One that struck the developer is a need for orientation in the cornucopia of apps with divergent features and denominations: who knows whether the term „voting“ in one app title corresponds to the same term in another app title? Quite often, this will not be the case, for this term and for others, too.

Or think of different application areas that voting apps serve, of users being distributed on the whole web or together in a meeting room.

Some initial structuring would be great, but according to the developer’s dig into the plenty of material on offer, it will demand a lot of effort and time.

So I can start up a review of IOS voting apps. Till an initial version is presentable, weeks and months will go by. When it is ready it will appear on this web page, and perhaps also elsewhere when it reaches a reasonable state of elaboration.

Who and what can fill the empty space? Cats are the most beloved pets of the web. My cat Mollie joins. Until real content is available, remain in a good mood, have some patience and look at her when she is playing!

Please send comments and questions to brigitteen@gmail.com !

Good hints for setting up some app overview are most welcome!