MinMinWatch - pick up ideas on your way

MinMinWatch for people like you and me!

MinMinWatch helps you to take down your good ideas as they come in, typically when you are out and not expecting them. You note what arrives on your watch, with the help of Siri, or drawing the letters.

MinMinWatch is for people like you and me who are reasonably organized. On its iPhone side the app proposes to set up categories (left side image). You change them as often as required. Inbound arrows enter new items, outbound arrows lead to the content of ta category, e.g. to your shopping list.

You send your current category scheme to the watch. There you can put your items into the suitable category. You return your updated watch version to the iPhone.

The app includes a short instruction for its use (image on the right).

Below the main scenes of the watch line up:
  • The icon of MinMinWatch is the well-known X. You see it on the watch home screen.
  • Next, MinMinWatch presents the current category scheme set by the user.
  • The in-category view shows an + button for adding a new item. The arrow down sends the data home to the iPhone.
  • The input possibilities are shown next: Siri, emoji, drawing letters.
  • Input by drawing is illustrated for the entry 'Health'.
  • An earlier Siri call has put Champignons into the shopping category.
By the way the examples running in a French environment show you that MinMinWatch freely caters for languages that can be noted in UTF-8. So very probably your language is in.

Have fun!!!