Privacy policy for all NOapps apps

The NOapps data protection policy

My NOapps apps are the work of an individual developer. The aim is to help people with practical tasks. The scientific and technical point of view is to show that this can be done on a mobile device.

Privacy and the safeguarding of personal data is important, but NOapps apps are not interested in catching user data, so that privacy is not really an issue.

Nevertheless I have to conform to App Store requirements and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you want have a look at it:

GDPR European General Data Protection Regulation

I deliver a declaration of the simple NOapps privacy management.

In detail:
  • NOapps apps keep your data inside. At most it may be transferred via bluetooth from your watch to your phone, or from your pad to your phone and vice versa.
  • Outside storage is strictly done in the user's private iCloud container.
  • No third party has any access to your data.
  • No personal data is used. You control recording and storing your performance data on your device.
  • Thus critical cases with endangered privacy do not occur.
  • All my apps live in an Apple ecosystem.
  • You decide whether it seems safe enough for you.
  • I think it is pretty safe: no danger for your personal data lurking from behind the scene.

Please send a mail if you see any problems!: